Camera Usage First Time

So my first testing of my camera, appears to have worked although it was pretty basic and I had to refer to online videos to learn the “How To’s” to get it to work. Simple things like using the Cntrl+Shift together with deselecting out areas, was only found on YouTube.
I found that the camera is recognized automatically with LB however, LB never allows to change the or select the comm port for the camera. I also noted that if any communication with the camera is magically lost, the LB software “must” be stopped and restarted to acquire the camera again. Anyway, some alterations to the software for the camera is needing updates in my opinion.

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The camera system is reworked right now (though no release date available, as far as I know). So things are getting better :slight_smile:

I think you can de-select and then select again a camera in the camera preview window, which will reload the camera settings. Maybe this works as well instead of a restart?

I’ll certainly give that a try. Thank you!

I’m looking forward to any enhancements of the camera portion of the software. I’ve got the LB 8Mp camera from LB but even though it scans the item beautifully, when attempting the trace function, not so great. Tried light/dark backgrounds and so on, the tracing just doesn’t want to do what it should. I understand that tracing has got to be extremely complex. I feel for the programmers!