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Here is the picture of the camera USB. Here are all the USB connectors they sent me. Nothing fits in the camera slot.

In what way does the cable not fit? That looks like a USB-C connector. The cable will be male, and the camera side female. The cable end should be able to fit into the female side port.

However, not sure if it’s the angle of the photo but it looks like the plastic portion on the female side is favoring one side of the port. It should be dead center. Is it possible that the port has been damaged? If the plastic divider is not properly centered, try lightly moving it to the center. Does it move freely? If so, the port is likely damaged.

Note the yellow highlighted portion.

The camera usb slot is the same size as tge ysb I am trying to plug in. They are bithe the same size.

Are you absolutely certain about this? That would be unusual. Make sure it’s not the potentially misaligned plastic that’s blocking the connection.

In the case that the two sides are in fact identical then check if you have any known good USB-C cables. If so, determine if the ends on the camera and current cable match the known good cable or if they are the female port.

When I try to plug the USB cable into the camera USB, they are the exact same size and shape. I have looked at many different USB cables and nothing seems to fit. When you say the yellow part, is it supposed to be up higher or to the side? I am so frustrated by this. I

The plastic should be centered in the socket such that the amount of space on each side of the plastic should be the same. That is typical of the female side of the connector.

If the connector at the end of the cable is in fact female then that might be intended as an adapter in which case you would need a USB-C to USB-C cable with both sides male to go in between. Alternatively, you could get a different USB-C to USB-A cable depending on what you need on the computer side.

I’d suggest checking the inventory list that came with the camera to see what was supposed to come with the camera. If a proper cable was in fact supposed to be supplied then I’d suggest contacting the manufacturer.

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I was able to get a better look at the Camera USB port. That part that you said should be centered, it does not move. Here are the pictures. I even tried to move it with a small screwdriver. The only thing that will fit in there is a small flat piece.

There’s something wrong with the port. Instead of the plastic being out of place, it looks like the entire outer housing may be crooked. Try lightly pushing the housing downward such that the plastic center would get closer to the center.

In any case, it looks like the plastic center may be delaminating. I’d suggest returning or exchanging the camera if that’s an option.

This is more what the female side should look like:

If you look at my pictures, there is nothing inside that port to move. The port is empty. I am going to return it. Thank you for all of your support.

I’m not indicating that there should be something that’s meant to move, only that the plastic portion is not properly centered. Based on your last photos it looked like to me that it’s not necessarily the plastic that’s out of position but possibly the outer housing of the port. In this case, I’m suggesting to push the entire outer housing downward until the plastic yellow highlighted portion of this photo becomes centered in the port if possible. It should then resemble the reference photos I uploaded earlier.

In any case, the port itself looks damaged so may be for naught.

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