Camera +USB Extension cable problem

I ordered the 8MP LightBurn Camera from LB. This is with 3,2 meter cable.
I have a small hub with 20 cm cable. The controller and camera are connected to this hub.
The laser works well, if I move the head it reacts immediately. The camera mostly work well, but sometimes the Update Overlay button is disabled. I need to click to None in the dropdown list, again to the LB Camera. And works well…

But I need to use in the future an extension cable. I bought a 10-meter active extension cable.
But without any power supply. I connected between the laptop and the hub.
The controller reacts immediately.
But the camera is terrible. Half of the picture is grey, there are color lines… etc. And can’t refreshing. How can I solve this issue?
In the small preview window I see it tries to update the preview, but on the full screen it can’t show well.

UPDATE: If I connect tha camera with the extension cord, it works well.
If I connect to the HUB alone, it has also a problem.
So big question: other HUB also has a problem, or my HUB is almost dead…

Is it a powered hub?

Not with an external supply.
BUT, I changed to another HUB. And the camera works well.
But also sometimes the Update Overlay button is disabled…DOn’t know why.

Sounds like you have a bad hub.

I do not use a camera, so I cannot help you with that one.

That seems to happen when the camera interface fails after LightBurn starts up. Sometimes it’s intermittent, because you (well, I) can switch to None and back to the camera, whereupon it starts working again.

USB interfaces are notoriously finicky, particularly when used for data collection / transfer near relatively high-powered gadgets like laser cutters. I ran into a similar problem with the camera in my laser and completely solved it by replacing the camera cable with an identical cable:

A known-good (= non-counterfeit reputable brand) powered USB hub would be a step in the right direction.

However, eliminating the USB hub by using the Ruida controller’s network connection and a direct cable from the camera to the PC will forestall a vast amount of heartache & confusion in your future.

So do you mean I should change the camera cable, and it hopefully solves the disconnection problem?
And use a UTP cable to the Ruida instead of USB cable with HUB?
Seems there is some interface problem at LB…

Nope, the camera cable seems good.

It’s the hub causing or at least contributing to the problems, so a powered hub may reduce them.

USB 3 interfaces seem more robust, but I have only USB 2 cameras.


Never use USB for the laser connection when you can use a network interface.

LightBurn can only use the USB hardware and firmware interfaces in the PC & OS. Unfortunately, USB and Windows (in particular) were never designed or intended for use with machinery like laser cutters, so the interface (predictably) fails in weird & baffling ways.

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I believe all USB3 cables are 3 shielded and solved the interference with my cam.


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