Camera Verification

Hi Everyone I am new here and very excited to start learning the new software.
I am looking to get the camera ordered to get the most from it, but I wanted to get verification that I am ordering the right part.
I have a Boss LS 3655 with a 56"x 36"Bed
With the bed lowered all the way I have 51" to the open Lid and 17" Closed, my calculations tell me to order the 140 degree camera for this. Mounting it for use with open lid, has anyone out there done this on the same machine?

Thank you all for the amount of information you share here regularly I am sure I will find this to be an asset in getting started.

You will want to do the calcs with the bed in the focused location. That way the camera will be in focus with the top of your material, no matter the thickness of that material.

Thanks, thisis why I wanted to double check… so with my 1400 MM Bed and mounting it at 1100 MM above on the open lid I would be best to use the 90 or 120 camera.

Also for my Boss LS series I will need the DSP liscence?

There are a couple of posts that provide greater details but the 120º might be a better choice as 90º would be a little close.

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