Camera will not align -

I have calibrated and tried making adjustments I can not get camera to align. I have burned several new patterns- printed fresh sheets of dots and now I have spent the last 6 hours trying to get camera to line up- It always misses going about an inch above the target.
Making adjustments to the Y axis in the panel has no effect. I have messed with this off and on for months.
5m 66 deg camera on a OMTECH 55w. I have moved the camera changed positions and heights no fix, same result.
I have a project to work and cant complete the project- it requires some precision that I cant get due to camera not aligning properly.
Camera wizard has me burned out on this process I have done it so many times…same result …always an inch about the target.
I’m prepared to throw it in the trash If I cant get this working.
It should not be this difficult.
Thanks for any suggestions.

If it’s consistently off like this it’s very likely something in the process that you’re consistently following that’s throwing this off.

Key will be in identifying what that is.

Can you elaborate on this? There’s no regular reason this would not have a direct 1:1 impact on alignment so you indicating that there is no effect is very odd. This could be informative as to what’s going on.

Can you answer the following questions. Please make every effort to respond to every question or otherwise indicate you’re not sure or ask for clarification.

  1. Can you explain in as much detail as possible the steps you’re going through for lens calibration and camera alignment? Make special note of any point that you’re trying to achieve at each step. I’ll likely need to followup with clarification on items but I’d like to hear from you how you’re approaching it.
  2. Can you provide a photo of how your camera is setup?
  3. Can you provide screenshots of the camera alignment process?

Problem resolved- Before I started to collect the information/steps/pictures I decided to start over by removing the machine and start with a fresh install, named it something different, remounted camera(5m 66 deg on 600mX400m bed 55W omtech). After both calibration steps, I still had to adjust Y axis -10, but now I can shave all 4 sides of a Post-It note placed anywhere on the bed.
I’ve done this process so many times, not too surprised starting over got it work.
Thanks for responding.

This still seems like a rather large adjustment but in any case, glad you got it working. Note that reinstalling LightBurn likely had no effect but recreating the device may have as the calibration itself is stored on a per device basis.

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