Camera will not capture image at all

I have had a light burn camera for about 2 months. It will not capture an image. I thought that the dot was too big so I printed one off from work. Same problem. I get patterns not found. Getting frustrated.
New to using laser. Boss 1420 if that helps.

Make sure the dot card is well lit. For me, that made a huge difference, Also make sure your camera is focussed properly.

Another consideration for best results is to ensure your background is not patterned. If you have honeycomb bed or slats, cover with uniform color paper or similar. It makes a world of difference.

  • What computer, and OS?
  • Which version of LightBurn?
  • Does it not capture the image, or does it not find the pattern? (those are different)

Have you followed the guide here?

You’ve not described anything about your process, shown pictures, etc, so it’s difficult to point to anything specific.

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