Camera will not show workspace

done the update now the camera will not work for the work space.


  • What is a ‘USB Live Camera’?
  • Which version of Windows are you running?
  • What did you do - step by step - to make it crash?

JIFFY HD Webcam,1080P/1536P Upgrade Usb Camera

windows 10
just upgraded lb then selected usb camera then clicked the camera icon at the top then it crashes.

just tried to trace a pic and got this as wellCapture4

Have you calibrated the camera and done the alignment yet, or did you just click the capture button? Were you using this camera with LightBurn before, or is this new?

If you were using it before, you’ll need to re-calibrate it, and probably redo the alignment too, because the capture resolution will be higher with the new version. I’ve ordered one of these cameras in case it’s the camera itself, and will see if I can figure out the source of the crash.

yes this has been working great untill i done update.will go through the set up again,do i need to do anything before i start.

ok done all the recalibrating its just not as can i get back to my original settings. is it just install 9.09

I found this from yesterday.

When you calibrate, it stores all the numbers for the calibration in your settings. What do you mean by “it’s just not as good”? That’s a very unspecific way of describing a problem. Is the resolution lower? Misaligned? Darker? Specific details will make it much easier to help you.

And no, since you re-calibrated, your previous calibration info is gone (unless you exported it). You can use the same camera system that was in 0.9.09 by following the post Rick linked to just above, but you’d need to calibrate again.

ok been playing with this today and this is what im getting after calibration

Did you also do the alignment? This looks like you clicked the markers out of order, or just updated the lens calibration but not the alignment.

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