Camera with Lightburn


I have a big problem. Since your cameras were sold out, I had to buy an alternative USB camera. This camera has been recognized and is working properly. A time long. now I have the problem that Lightburn only sporadically recognizes this camera. Since the update I received today, it no longer works under Lightburn. For other applications, this works perfectly. what can be the reason that the camera went on the 1st day and from the following day it was not recognized again and again. after restarting Lightburn it worked again. Unfortunately after this update no chance to get any picture. The camera is an 8 MP camera from Waveshare Name: IMX179 8MP USB Camera (A).
I would be very happy about help, because I can’t do without this camera due to the order.
Greetings from Germany

PS: sorry I had to try the Google translator

Do you know which version of LightBurn you upgraded from? If it was 0.9.09 or earlier you may need to enable the new camera capture system that was added earlier this year:

… or go back to “default”, which is the system that was in place before we re-wrote it.

thank you very much, it works again

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