Camera Wizard setup problem

Hi I’m trying to setup my camera using the camera wizard, however I’m not getting the position image, its actually cut off, I only see the top 10% of the position image so I unable to figure out where to place my dot pattern. It’s a weird bug I am experiencing, I updated to the latest lightburn software using a Mac. I was just randomly placing the pattern until I got a score but wasn’t able to get a good score with this method. If someone is kind enough to let me know which stage goes where I can get this calibrated until a solution is found. Thanks.


I was able to make it work by resizing window, which is weird, but finally got it to align.

I have seen this exactly once before - let me know if it happens again. This would have to be a bug in the framework we use for multimedia devices, but there may be a way I can force that sync between sizes to happen.

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