Camera wont align properly

Hello all,
So a few months ago i attempted to install a lightburn camera on my Boss HP24x36 laser.
I had several issues, but with you help got it done. While it was installed, it did not work correctly however. The alignment was always off by 1/4 in to the left and 1/2 inch down. I got busy with orders and could not continue at the time with trying to figure it out. Now I am unfortunatly slow and have the time to play with it. So yesterday I tried again to redo the alignment, but it will not frame the test. It keeps telling me to set the machine to soft origin, which is done. No matter what I do it says the same thing, set the machine to soft origin. I have reset to manual origin and back and forth 20x’s, and yes I reset the machine everytime, but it still does the samething. I’m starting to beleive it’s the camera.

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