Camera Won't Stay Connected

A day or so ago, I started having an issue with my Lightburn camera not staying active in the camera window. When I first select the Lightburn camera, I get a picture, can update the overlay, etc. It might be 5 seconds or 40 seconds but then it stops working and I have to reselect the camera and it works again for a while. In the Windows camera app, the camera stays up and doesn’t drop out? While the Lightburn software has control of the camera, I get the message in the Camera App saying another app is using the camera but Lightburn releases the camera and it becomes available to the Windows app? The most recent Windows updates that were applied to this computer are from 1/15/20 and the problem only started a couple of days ago? Ideas?

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LightBurn shouldn’t be letting it go, unless you’re switching to one of the camera calibration dialogs or something. It could also be a loose USB connection - check that the plug on the camera side is snug, and on the PC. If the USB connection dropped, LightBurn would lose the camera hold, and something else could grab it.

Cables were fine, was still losing the camera in Lightburn and would stay up in Windows. Rebooted PC and it has been up now for about 10 minutes so maybe just a glitch? Will post again if it comes back.

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