Camera working just freeze up while calibration wizard

Get about half way through and freezes. Have to restart the process.

Sorry to hear you are having difficulties, but you haven’t provided much for us to go on.

This offers nothing we can go on. Freezing, that I want to know more about. Can you provide more information or screen captures to illustrate what you are doing and what you see on your end? What version of LightBurn? What OS are you using to drive your computer?

We don’t charge by the word, so feel free to use more. :wink:

8mp camera. On a boss hd3655

0.9.11 version. Stop in the middle of the calibration camera just stops. Image sometime goes black.

Window 10, AMD A4-9120e, Radeon R3, 4 compute cores 2c + 2g 1.50Ghz, 4GB ram

4 or 5 pics in it freezes and won’t go any further

Is your honeycomb bed visible to the camera? If so, cover it. Anything that looks like it might be a lot of circles to be tracked gives it a severe headache.

Ok got it. Had to change what I was using as background. Thanks for the heads up on the circles. I don’t have a honeycomb bed. But thanks

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