Cameras Mac OSX Logitech, C920 HD Pro

I am new to lightroom and can not find any answer to this today on Amazon there is a special deal on this camera. Does anyone know whether it works with Lightburn on the OSX platform Mojave. I have used a friends logitech camera and Lightburn sees it but I don’t know about this model. Anyone out there using it on Lightburn please who can advise further Thank you Neil

I can’t advise about that specific camera but you need to make sure the camera’s field of view is right for your particular laser and it bed size, plus you need to make sure the camera defaults to its highest resolution whenever turned on/accessed. Most camera offer multiple resolution levels but don’t default to the highest one.

Most cameras default to low-res capture, and the framework we’re using doesn’t allow changing that on Windows systems. This is why we had our own cameras produced which default to hi-res. We know and have tested the cameras we sell, they work well in both Win and Mac.

The Mac version doesn’t have the resolution limit that Windows does, so this should not be an issue for your setup.

Some history and worth a read:

This is only an issue on Windows, not OSX. I haven’t tested this Logitech camera, but have a C910 that works well on the Mac.

Hi Rick, that links generates an error, it might mean i’m not in the group the link is attached to is it possible to let me please have the group’s name so i can take a peek, thank you for the advice also, Neil

thanks for the advice

That’s the model my friend has and it seems to work fine.

EDIT: Sorry, but I just learned that the fb group is inaccessible to new users.

Ah, that is the old LightBurn Support Group on fb. Archived and still accessible but closed for further posts/comments when we moved to the forum. Search still works and there is a bunch of good stuff there.

Link is to a very long thread, all about LightBurn and camera options. I see from the support email thread that you are now sorted, so this might be just for educational fun. The group can be found here:

Many thanks Rick. I will take a look now.

sorry still no access![screenshot_224|582x155]screenshot_224

I edited my post above. Sorry @spiritburner, you will not be able to see as you where not a member at the time of archive and you can not be added. Limits of FB.

oh well that is a bummer! but thank you for your efforts, what was the gist of it in a few lines if you wouldn’t mind? Thanks Neil

Bottom line…we decided to ask a camera mfg. to build custom cameras that default to hi-res and offer these to our users. This eliminates the resolution limits found in the platform we use for multi-platform development. This is only an issue on Windows, not OSX.

We continue to migrate good information from the old fb group to the new forum, but the post that covers this issue has not yet as this has been addressed. I was trying to share with you for historical purposes. You should be up to speed now.

ok, thats fairly straight forward, then, i am familiar with that issue on windows as I am i a Mac user and 2 a photographer and Cameraman among other things, clear and succinct answer. Thanks Neil

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