Camfive Laser and Lightburn Software

Hello, I’ve purchased a used camfive laser and opted for lightburn instead of coreldraw. It has a Ruida controller but when I plug my usb into the laptop and laser for setup Lightburn doesn’t find my controller. Is this normal? I know I can enter the information manually but really expected it to find this particular controller seeing that its so popular… or, am I doing something wrong in the process?

What is the model number of your Ruida controller?

Have you tried installing RDWorks to see if that is able to work with the laser?

These are a couple of first steps so you can take while you are waiting for the real customer support team to come online.

Hi Doug, ^^^^ this is what I’m working with.
Have not tried RDWorks.

The CamFive machines do not use RDWorks. They use a Ruida controller, but it’s got different firmware in it from Yueming Laser. They use SmartCarve by default. I’ve got a 4032K that’s working great with LightBurn. However, I’ve never run it via USB, always done Ethernet. Grab that Ethernet cable from inside the machine, plug it in and config an IP Address in the machine and your computer. MUCH more stable, no drivers needed, and WAY faster as well. That may fix you up.

What does this sticker say:

That should be the Ruida model number. If it’s one we do support, it should be found with the USB scan, assuming you have the serial driver installed. Did you check the ‘install FTDI driver’ button at the end of the installation? If not, you might need to do that first.

Here is the model number.
I went back and unistalled lightburn then reinstalled it and clicked install FTDI driver. Restarted my computer and lightburn isnt finding it. Any other suggestions?

I got it, Lightburn found the device. Thank you both for the help.

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