Can a G-Code version be opened in dsp version?

If I have a G-Code license on one machine, but DSP or GALVO on another machine, will I be able to open and use the G-Code version on the other (DSP) computer?

GCode is the base of our current licensing. If you have DSP or Galvo, you will also have GCode options. :slight_smile: You should be able to share device profiles on both computers.

That’s not the question though. Let me explain what I’m trying to do.

I have a GALVO one-seat-only licence. I’d like to have lightburn on my laptop and work computer. For design and file setup only. All files will be run on the machine in the shop, that has the GALVO key.

I can spend $50x2=100 for 2 extra GALVO keys, or $60 for 2 seats of the G-Code version.

Please share how you acquired this one-seat-only license? I am aware of single-seat keys, which are intended for MakerSpace/FabLab/HackerSpace type environments. These special keys are to be used by those members to prep work for lasing in the Space, on Space equipment.

Yeah, it’s a makerspace key that I paid to upgrade to galvo. Some stuff gets output Run at the makerspace, but typically on my own machines in my garage.

We provide these special keys to these membership, learning environments like MakerSpaces to help member folks prep files for running at the space. If you intend to use LightBurn on your own personal laser systems, we ask you pay for your own, separate from MakerSpace discounted keys.

I asked to upgrade my key to a “normal” key and was told to renew my key and buy the GALVO upgrade. Seems like that’s not the correct path.

Is there a way to get me to a 2 seat “real” licence without having to pay the GALVO upgrade again?

The correct path would be to purchase additional seat(s) to get the setup you are after.

I have taken the liberty to provide you with an additional seat, so you should be set. :slight_smile:

(S=Seats - D=Deactivations)

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