Can a G55 coordinate be used?

I think maybe I’m getting way ahead of myself on my hopes for this but here is my plan.

I have a shapeoko 3 XXL with a Jtech attached. I ran a test using lightburn and all went fine after changing all the settings. However, because of the GRBL settings needing to be changed…well…that’s frustrating. I use CNCjs at the moment to send all the Gcode, and it has a laser module in it that works quite well. Since I can spit the GCode out of Lightburn and just run it from CNCjs without having to change all my settings then I want to do that.
To complicate things, as a long time CNC operator I would prefer to use G54 as my spindle offset, and G55 as my laser offset. Long point to here is…Can I make Lightburn spit out commands to G55 instead of default G54, or do I have to manually go in and change this?

There are only two GRBL settings I know of that require changing, and those are $32 (laser mode or spindle mode) and $10 (coordinate reporting as workspace or machine space). Most people just set up a pair of macros in the LightBurn console to set one or the other.

As for the different workspaces, there is currently no way to make LightBurn work in G55.

Hmmm. Ok. Then I have seen other people mention work space offset settings. Is that something I could use to make sure the laser offset is correct, without always having to re-zero the machine coordinates when I switch from using the spindle and the laser? I use a fixed point in the front left corner as a constant G54 work zero, and since the laser sits in front of, and to the right of the spindle I would need that offset input into the gcode of every program

Can you explain why you would need that? LightBurn will happily run jobs relative to arbitrary spots on the workspace and doesn’t need to change the coordinate system to do so.

Because I have a predetermined fixed zero point on the bed, and more or less I am trying to avoid having to deal with changing the parameters and code every time I want to switch between the laser and CNC…since I may be using both on the same job. So having the laser and the spindle zero at the same location all the time would make sense to me, even though they are offset from each other in physical space. This is normally achieved on CNC machines using the G54-G56 work offsets to mark out different part locations on the bed for nesting purposes.

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