Can a JPT MOPA 60w mark wood?

So I’m getting to grips with my new fiber laser. I’ve got some great colour engraving on stainless steel, have managed to get it to mark nicely on aluminium, but I just cant get it to mark on wood.

I thought I would buy some cheap plywood squares on amazon to run a test on. However no matter what power or speed settings I use, I either get no mark at all or it just bursts into flames.

I’ve even tried lots of low power passes. Nothing.

This wood ‘browns’ just fine if i put a flame to it, but the laser just wants to evaporate it in a ball of flames.

This setting kinda-worked for making a small square (no fill), but it wouldn’t work for text or filled squares.

I’m also having the same issue with resin. It either doesn’t mark or just caches fire.

Did I pick the wrong laser for all-round engraving?

Fiber lasers work with most man made materials, they don’t work so well with natural materials.

I don’t think it effects the wood directly, it seems to be the tars and other stuff in the wood, try a piece of plywood and the wood isn’t responsive, but the glue goes off big time mostly taking out chunks of wood.

Wood doesn’t look very good at it’s best… I did baloney and hot dogs with the co2, but you can’t mark any of these materials with the fiber.

I think you are correct as it kinda-works .

I see Chinese videos of rust removal machines… the frequency is about 1100nM compared to the 1064nM of these fiber lasers… these videos have none of the people wearing safety glasses, most have nothing on their faces. A surprising number of people on Youtube don’t wear any protection either and they are all speaking English…so ?

Good luck


If you paint a wood it is possible to deep engrave. Some types of wood can engrave directly. Like walnut, rosewood.

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