Can an image or drawing be added to the QR code

Can an image or drawing be inserted to the QR code?

I don’t think anything like that exists in LightBurn. However, there’s nothing stopping you from generating these outside of LightBurn and bringing those in to burn.

It depends on how much text information, how big your image is and which error tolerance you choose. But it can be done in LightBurn. However, I believe that there are specific programs that have this “special wish” as standard, i.e. with a guide to reach the desired result.

are there any related videos that anyone knows of?

I think there is a video on youtube, try searching for LightBurn+QR.

Try this. I was just playing around.


Very nicely done!!

Thats awesome! I dont think I asked the question properly. What I meant to ask is if an image could be placed in the QR code properties box where you type the info and it shows the image when scanned, something like a business card that would show or a drawn image like raster or vector.

I don’t believe QR codes can directly code for images but you could link to an image hosted at a URL that is tagged as an image and will display properly.

All good suggestions. Thanks everyone!

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