Can anyone recommend a good high power diode laser

Hi all. After nearly a year my 5.5watt blue diode laser has had its day. Refuses to cut and barely engraves. Im hoping someone can point me to where i can get a new u beaut 40 watt one. I know theyre not 40 watt output but im pretty sure theyre better than the 5.5 watt that shipped with my 3018 router.

Atomstack and Ortur are inexpensive. I cannot speak to the quality as yet for my Atomstack A5 as far as longevity as I just bought it. But so far so good.

I’ve heard things about Endurance Lasers. From what I understand, you might need to upgrade the controller as well at the same time.

I just need somethimg that will cut to at least 4mm in soft wood and last a bit longer. Have you cut much with yours yet ?
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Running a diode laser at 100% will shorten it’s lifespan considerably. I upgraded to an air assist kit and I can cut 4 mm with 5 passes depending on the wood.

Jtech has a 7 watt laser diode but it’s a pricy upgrade. At that point you can buy into a CO2 laser that’s pretty good and that will cut very easily. I bought this laser to see if was even feasible and I’ve already hit it’s limits so now I’ve gotta find small projects to pay for what I’ve already got so I can buy an upgrade without burying myself.

im hearin ya. think i’ll save for a endurance 20watt double beam. long lifespan and will cut up to 12mm

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