can be operated with PC, not with ruida

Hello I have a problem can operate the laser machine with PC but not with ruida controller during installation it went fine after connecting the pc (usb) and installation lightburn, i can no longer operate the ruidacontroller (it works fine on the pc)

I don’t understand what you mean - how can you operate the machine from the PC but not from the controller?

can operate the laser head (transport) with laptop but not with ruida controller

Are you saying that after installing LightBurn, you can no longer use the HMI key pad (human to machine interface) on the control panel of the laser? Are you saying that you can not use this control key pad to adjust or run the laser without using a computer to interact?

If you’re not able to use the keypad panel to move the machine, does it light up at least? If not, you likely have a wiring issue.

did it, but when connecting a PC, the touchscreen no longer works

It looks normal screen i cant operate

Which touchscreen? The control HMI panel? Your Laptop? You only say “the touchscreen” but do not identify which screen.

What is “It”, and what does “looks normal screen i cant operate” mean, exactly.

Please try to be as clear as possible. While you are having a single conversation with our forum, we are having many, all at the same time. Context and clarity really helps us respond with the best possible answers in a timely manner.

I mean the screen on the laser machine
the buttons on the ruida controller do not respond

My Arrows on the HMI stopped working (with exception of the RIGHT arrow) The up, down and left worked intermittent now stopped completely. The controls work through the PC but NOT from HMI

This sounds like a physical issue with the buttons. There is nothing in the software that affects these.

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