Can I add a pause in after rotary movements?

I am trying to uses a Cloudray Fiber laser with a galvo to automate some laser tasks. We would like to be able to use our own robot to perform the rotary function, but need slight pauses after the rotary moves to allow for our motor to catch up. Does Lightburn have the ability to have a delay after the stepper is done moving?

Have you taken a look into custom gcode?

Fiber isn’t likely gcode, and I think his problem is more along the lines his controller needs to know after a rotary step.

Maybe you have better search abilities than I have on this site, it was a signal that was supposed to toggle on layer change but was toggling every pass… I just don’t remember the details and can’t find the thread.

That or I misinterpreted the whole idea…


LightBurn does not have the ability to do this in Rotary Mode, but it can be done with Repeat Marking. If you are using your rotary to run repeat jobs, that could be the solution.

How does this explain how to signal another robot or controller after a rotary makes a single step.

I can understand the delay, but it isn’t signalling his external hardware… is it?


We are trying to do the rotary spinning with a bldc motor that is performing other functions as well. We have been able to interpolate the stepper signals to control our bldc, we just need a slight delay before the laser kicks on to allow our system to catch up.

It sounds like @JTR suggestion would be worth a try…

Good luck