Can I burn a coin?

It keeps scratching at my brain.

3 questions.

  1. Can I engrave a brass coin with my 50w JPT Fiber?
  2. Are there folks I can hire to create a 3D image?
  3. I know this depends on the depth, but approx how long would it take per coin?


Sure, you can do a 3d coin with a 20W fiber…

Probably, if you hunt around Youtube for people who do this, there’s likely someone who can do this. There are also lots of Youtube videos on how to do it your self.

Using 3dslice with 256 passes, most of my 40mm coins take about 1.5 - 2 hours a side.

Have fun


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Thanks Mr. J.

I’ve looked over the web for detailed instructions on how to create a 3D coin. Haven’t found one yet that shows step by step. Just as soon hire someone. I think I only want to engrave one side of a coin.

What I’m not clear on, is how to setup LB.

Let’s pretend I have a coin. I have image map. How does one go about figuring out how many passes and power and such? I can’t see the forest for the trees right now.

No biggy, jut want to give it a shot.

Check out this page for a start. Lightburn 3dSlice
Besides what you’ll find here there are numerous Facebook groups devoted to fiber lasers where you’ll find lots of information, tips and files.

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This is from the fiber beta group, so you might not be able to access it. If you can’t I’ve copied the applicable statement from Oz.

With 3D Slice, each pass is thresholded to the current threshold value, and the result is run as a 1-bit image. If you use 256 passes you get exactly one pass per gray-level in the image. Every pixel at or below brightness 255 for the first pass, every pixel at or below 254, then 253, and so on.

If you choose 128 passes, you get every pixel at or below 254 for the first pass, then 252, then …

It “clusters” the layers together into batches if you use fewer than 256 passes, and will duplicate some layers (with even spacing) if you use more than 256. 384 passes would duplicate every 2nd layer. 512 passes would duplicate every layer.

For this mushroom coin I used these settings…

Takes a bit of time…

Good luck