Can I change my chinees Lazer machine to GRBL and LightBurn?

I have a 50W Co2 Chines Lazer machine on LazerDraw with USB-key. But I have used LightBurn for 2years for another small machine. I think LightBurn is the best software of all. Then I want to modification my machine for GRBL and LightBurn. My machine uses XY stepping motors. I think if the power supply for Lazer is handled it will possible. I want to any information for this modification.

If your laser uses LaserDRW I assume it’s an M2 Nano based board. Correct me if this is not correct.

I’ll list some possible options starting from easiest to hardest:

  1. Use MeerK40t software to emulate Ruida controller. You will need DSP license of LightBurn to use this. Apparently there’s also a GRBL emulator but I’m certain about the state of that. You could do this today.
  2. Buy one of the drop-in replacement boards. These should accept most common connector types used in similar lasers.
    2a. Cohesion 3D - This runs smoothieware and is a very popular and well supported board
    2b. Mini Gerbil 3 - This runs a modified version of GRBL and is also popular
    2c. K40+ - This is an offering from OMTech and looks similar to a Smoothieboard or Cohesion 3D. It also runs Smoothieware
  3. There are generic laser controller boards that you could use to connect but may require some connector modifications or adaptors to work. Example: MKS DLC32 which runs 32-bit GRBL
  4. You could install a DSP controller like a Ruida but will require more hardware purchases.

There are many examples of people making modifications on this forum.

Let us know what your specific needs are and I’m sure people will help you get going.

Thank you very much for your advices. My machine has M2 nano board as you are thinking.

I had not known about any drop-in boards. I want to buy a Cohension 3D board. But I live in JAPAN how can I buy these? I have been finding any way as possible today. Do you know a shop selling these boards in JAPAN? I want to find that for more several days.

If I will be able to buy a Cohension 3D board, it is the best solution. But instead I have a GRBL board made in china that can drive xyz axis and a spindle motor…

Is this board able to control my machine? somehow I think that.

I’m not sure if they have retail partners but looks like boards can be shipped to most countries.
Order Processing & Shipping Policy - Cohesion3D

Yes. Very likely. What is the specific type of board that you have?

There are many people on this forum who have done K40 laser conversions with various boards if you want to do a search.

Thank you! I send a question for the Cohention3D about possibility of buying a board. Probably this is the best solution for me.

My GRBL board is ANNOY TOOLS Naliovker GRBL controller for xyz axis and 300W spindle. I bought that at amazon JAPAN.

I’m not familiar with anyone using an Annoy Tools board but it’s likely similar to an Arduino + Shield. You can find many conversions online. Here’s an example:
Adventures in DIY Engineering: 40 Watt Chinese CO2 Laser Upgrade with RAMPS & Arudino (

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