Can I change the I/O port assignment?

I have received a new lens and used (after great difficulty) the spouses Windows machine to use corfille application for lens adjustment…

My assumption is I got the something wrong when I did the alignment of the new F254 lens. The lens works properly, but my i/o setting appear to have gone astray.

My foot switch doesn’t work with this lens… When I look at the Device Settings, the i/o on the F420 (300mm) shows lots of green, the F254 (170mm) does not…

Can/how do I change these now? I’d prefer to do it without the re-calibration of the lens.


Is this the same physical machine that you’re connecting to? If so, the IO Ports field should look identical when you switch from one lens to the other - those values are read from the controller itself, and there’s only a single command to do so. If you weren’t actually connected to the controller when you took the 2nd screen shot, that could explain it.

I thought the machine was powered up, but it wasn’t…

Now I need to find out why the foot switch doesn’t work with this lens…

I’ll change it and see if the issue follows the lens…

From the sound of things, it was operator error…

A quick question on editing a device. If I wish to change just the name, do I have to re-read the markcfg7 when I step through it or does it retain the original information?

I don’t know if I have a markcfg7 file for this new lens… The only one I have is for the F420 lens… it was the stock lens. I loaded the cor file after running the CorFile2 application for the new lens.

Thank you


Changing the name of a device doesn’t affect anything else about it - it’s a visual thing for the user only.

Changing the lens won’t change any machine settings. The things it can/will affect are:

  • Workspace size
  • Correction parameters (skew, bulge, trapezoid, scale)
  • The .Cor file

When changing lenses, the simplest way to do it is to just duplicate the existing device profile, then either assign a new .Cor file, or adjust the other parameters manually.

Thanks… to be more specific…

I want to click through the device via edit, when it asks if I wish to import ezcad2 config file… can I click next without a config file and retain what was there?

I was going to keep clicking next until I got to the name.

The only EZCad2 config file I have came with the lens/machine.

Is there anywhere I can read documentation on how the markcfg file and the cor file interact?

Thanks… you can close this thread… :slight_smile:


Yes - Unless you actually perform an import, nothing changes on that screen.

Fundamentally, they don’t - The Markcfg7 file might reference a COR file, but that’s it.