Can I connect via Wi-Fi or Not as of Nov 2020?

I am getting conflicting info, some of which is old… on whether I can connect my Laser to my wifi network without using a USB cable. My desk is not next to it so I hate having to move me laptop over there and go back and forth. I Tried to connect via the directions in the lightburn manual to configure connecting via IP Address. I followed that and I could not control laser at all. So I am not sure what that did. Is there an extra thing I need to buy or are people doing something different? I just want to know if I can use my laser from my wireless laptop without being attached to it by a usb or anything. :slight_smile: Thanks!

Short version: You can but you probably shouldn’t

The Boss LS series uses Ruida controllers. They work great with a wired Ethernet cable, but they can have dropouts and connectivity issues with larger files because of the way they send data, and how it interacts with the way WiFi works.

That said, the laser itself only has a physical cable connection, so connecting wirelessly to it requires some sort of wireless adapter, whether that’s a cable to your WiFi router, a WiFi gaming adapter, or something else.

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