Can i convert an image to a line or fill and line project?

Ive had this issue a number of times and i cant seem to find a way around it. Im trying to do laser engraving of a protractor,but theres lots of whitespace travel thats taking this project to an hour all up. its basically all lines so shouldnt be much more than a 15 minute job for my laser. Lightburn is seeing this as a image file and wont allow any changes to how it handles it. I cant change to line or anything else for that matter. Is there a way around this ? also how or is it possible to cut the outside line or is that only if its a laser file to begin with and not a image downloaded from the net.
thanx in advance.

Hi, you can try to use the trace function, right click on the image in lightburn then click trace image, it should be under preview, a menu will pop up showing what will be traced when you hit ok it will be placed on a seperate layer. See if that works however for even better quality i’d recommend maybe finding yourself a premade svg file

LightBurn see this as an image because it is an image. :wink: I see a raster / bitmap shown here. You can change the settings for this, there are many settings to control the desired output for this type of art.

If you want to work with this set of shapes as vectors, you can quickly build this “protractor” using the drawing and circle array tools available in LightBurn. Or, you can use the image trace function to produce vector paths from a scan of this image, so you have some options.

You have not provided which motion control system you use to drive you laser (please update your profile/machines section), but the “white-space travel” issue can be addressed.

For GCode systems: Redirecting.... There are also settings for the cut order and sequencing found in the Cut Settings Editor window along with the options found in the Cut Optimizations window. All depending on the controller and type of job you plan to process, a Line cut, Fills, Image Modes or a combination of these.

All of these features and subjects are covered in our documentation found here: LightBurn Software Documentation

Let us know how you are progressing, we might be able to suggest a workflow to help if you find snags along the way. :slight_smile:


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