Can I cut first ALL inner shapes and then the outer shapes?

Hi, how can I bring LB to cut first ALL inner shapes and after this is done it will start cutting the outer shapes?

The only way to do this at the moment would be manual ordering. Why do you want this? It sounds like a very inefficient cutting path.

It often happens when a shape is completely cut out that it falls just a bit down through the knife bed and then the laser head will collide with and the whole substrate will be then moved and there is no chance to align it again properly. So I could leave the machine alone for the inner cuts and then be present when the outer shapes will be cut to observe the obstacles.

just. never. leave. the. machine. alone. never. really.

also, as the inner cut parts will fall, thus they will not be in the path of the head…

i. know.

all outer and inner parts will not always fall through, but will just be inclined and one edge will be higher the the distance between the substrate and the head …

I’d have to look at the internals of the cut planner, but I suspect this would require a fairly significant change to make it work this way. Is it feasible to elevate the job on small risers? I’ve done this before on small stuff where the air-assist makes them tilt up when they fall.

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