Can I delete the air assist tab in my cuts/layers window

Hello all,

Was just wondering if I can delete the air assist tab in my cuts/layers window that was added after the last update. It makes the window just a little to wide so it adds a scroll bar at the bottom. When I adjust the size of the tab it seems to always revert back.

Also when you’re here… What does the air assist on/of tab do? Does it alter the path or project at all?



it gives signal to (some) controller for air support

Ohhh I see. Yeah I just have a hose mounted to mine. That makes sense.

Hi Adam, in most of the big hardware stores there are sections dealing with compressor related parts. The air feed piping tends to be 6mm od and small connections and valves are literally a couple of dollars.
These will allow you to do the adjustments you need to keep your lenses clear while engraving and yet turn the pressure right up for cutting operations.

My advice is get some real pressure available to clean up cutting and increase effectiveness.

Hi Gary. I already have my air assist hooked up to my compressor :). I was just wondering in the software if you click it on/off what it does. But it sounds like some machines have air assist built in which makes sense.

I found a template for my air assist to be 3d printed. Worked out great!

Ah great news :blush::sunglasses:

Can you share some images of the 3D printed parts please :blush::+1:

Yup I’ll get some on when I get a chance when the laser isn’t going lol

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