Can I download designs to the controller?

I’ve been going through tutorials and exploring Lightburn but haven’t seen anywhere the ability to download the cut files from Lightburn to the Ruida controller. Is this possible?

In the laser window you have the option of Start, which sends the file to the controller and runs it, Send, which sends the file to the controller but does not run it, just stores it on the controller to be run from the control pad, or Save RD file, which lets you save it to a USB memory stick which you can then insert into your laser to copy the file.image

I do not have a SEND button on mine. Is this because LB did not find my cutter? I am connected via USB and I can control the cutter with the direction buttons and I can hit START and it works but it does not recognize the machine.

It is a Redsail X900 with a Ruida controller.

Most likely you have beginner mode selected in the settings window
Change it so that it is off (a red box instead of green) and you should have all the options I mentioned after that.

Thank you!


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