Can I draw a rectangle the dimensions of my work piece to tell light burn exactly where to engrave text?

As subject says, I have drawn a small rectangle within a larger rectangle to the metric dimensions of a wall cover plate. If I add text I want to engrave to this, in the exact location on the rectangle. Is there a way to ignore output on the rectangle but still use the rectangle as a reference to where exactly I want the text engraved?



Place that rectangle on one of the two Tool Layers

Does this solution work for you?
If that rectangle is never cuted or engraved, you can assign a frame to it by selecting the rectangle (with selection tool) and then clicking on “T1” or “T2” in the layers bar.

Thanks, Ill give this a try this afternoon.

Ill have a look Kuth, are T1 and T2 layers the tool layers that RalphU suggested? Ill give it a try. Thanks

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It doesn’t even need to be one of the two tool layers. Any layer with output disabled can be a defacto tool/construction/alignment/reference/instruction layer.

Hello Chris,

So if I just set my lines not to output on the rectangle, but i have the text on the rectangle, the software will tell me laser the location of where i want the text on the “ignore output” rectangle?

I didn’t interpret it that way, but yes, it could be…

I don’t have an x-tool, so there may well be some idiosyncrasies…

Most people do this type of work in Absolute Coordinates.

Start here (and feel free to explore deeper into the documentation):

Don’t forget you can use the Preview Window to simulate the job and you can also run a job with the laser power set to something absurdly low.

If video is more your speed:

Rich (Louisiana Hobby Guy) has hundreds of helpful videos:

Hello everyone that responded. Setting the rectangle to the tool layer worked like a charm. Not sure why Xtools cant have this in their software, but from now on I will be learning Lightburn. Thank you all!

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