Can I Etch Glass

with my 50W JPT Galvo Laser, or just use my CO2. Pro’s / Con’s ?

Looking to possibly do Long Stem Wine Glasses.

Galvo Fiber is really the wrong wavelength. There are people that have figured out ways to do it, but it’s way more hassle than it’s worth. co2 is best for glass out of the choices you have.

Thanks… I’ve gotten spoiled on my fiber showing me exactly where burns are going to take place on a piece… LOL

If you’re doing a lot of glass, it may be worth investigating a UV laser. Similar technology to a Galvo fiber, but different laser source. Cold laser that does amazing work on glass. Spot size on UV lasers is much smaller than Fiber laser as well, so can do some very intricate detailed work. And, can red light frame just like your Fiber laser can. :slight_smile:

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