Can I import color logo?

Is there a way to import a color teams logo onto the screen just for display purpose so I can show the client what it would look like?

That should not be a problem, do you have an example so we can see the type of your “color logo”?

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i don’t understand you question… if is a jpg or bmp or svg or even a pdf can be imported in LB and with preview can be showed to all, naturally will be showed in black and white

Dtown logo

this is the log. When I import it. it comes in as black and white

LightBurn automatically converts all imported images to grayscale. There’s a bunch of internal code in the imaging system that assumes everything will be grayscale, so it was easier to enforce this on import.

Sorry for the misunderstanding, I assumed it was about the content itself and not the color.
But with different shades of gray, the effect can also be very impressive.

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