Can I Import DXF Files etc

I have the PlasmaCam cnc tables for plasma cutting and routing operations, They use their own (.pcm) file format, but they can also export files as (.dxf) vector files. I have a TON of images I would like to potentially bring into Lightburn to carve, etch or cut with the laser.

Does Lightburn require everything to be in SVG format, or is there some way to directly or indirectly import (or convert and import) a DXF file so Lightburn can then send it to the laser, either as an outline, or as a “fill” image?

How does Lightburn handle (.jpg) images, and (.bmp) images?



Select the other extensions from the pull down in the open menu. It should show all of these…

I use dxf quite a bit…


Thank you. I have no idea why that didn’t occur to me. Sometimes I think my brain is showing signs of early decay.


Lightburn is fast becoming a FUN program now!! :grin: I have figured out how to do a few things that I struggled with, and now I am waiting for the sun to come up, so I can start burning test pieces.


If that is the ‘fix’, mark it as solved…

Good luck


Hi Joe. Yes, Lightburn imports PlasmaCamaDXF files fine. Check your units, as sometimes metric vs imperial will bring the image in at .03937 scale, Just resize it . Occasionally I will see a spare line in the import, so check it and delete as needed.

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