Can I import new fonts in lightburn?

Hello, can I import new fonts into Lightburn?

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If you are using windows, you only need to install the fonts and they will become available. Not sure how Mac or Linux does it.

LightBurn uses whatever fonts are installed on your operating system, and it works this way for all supported systems. On Windows, if you have downloaded a font, you typically just right-click it and choose “Install”. I haven’t done this for Mac, but I imagine a quick Google search will find something similar.


It works the same. On Linux, you may need to install a font manager first as not all distros ship with one.

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Ok, thanks a lot I will test under Linux.

Does anybody use a Font Manager in Windows to help them keep their fonts sorted? I know that the Font Manager will not interact with LB, but I am increasingly getting lost in the sea of fonts on my machine. Everytime I open the font list in LB I feel a little queasy knowing I will need to pick something and I never have any real idea what font would be best.

I have started telling customers that my default font is Comic Sans unless they tell what font they want on their item.

It would just be really nice if I had something that would let me put fonts in folders (Award Fonts, Keychain Fonts, Monogram Fonts etc…) Then at least I would have a font in mind before I open that endless list of fonts in LB.


I’ve been wanting the same thing… fonts in different folders and then load the folder with the fonts i need for the job i’m working on. kind of how photoshop does it.

Something like this would be interesting, but I’m not sure how it would be accomplished.



adding fonts to Linux is very easy, here’s a great guide with several ways to do it. It will be the same for any version of linux based on debian.

If I’m not mistaken, fonts have some markers in them that dictate script, monospace, serif, sans-serif, decorative, etc… I’m not positive how or if those are exposed to the system I use, but I’ll look to see if I can get at them. Probably a bit down the road, but at the very least, a “most recent” or “favorites” sub-list for fonts would be useful.


I was just looking at the ttf file description. That is one complex file format, good luck dealing with it.

I wrote the code for the NBA2K series that does font rendering, extracting the raw Bezier curves, glyphs, and kerning tables from TTF and OTF files, and converting them to quadratic curves for hardware accelerated rendering. I think I can handle it. :slight_smile:

Try looking at an AI file sometime. These days they are almost always a PDF (you can rename an AI to PDF and double click to see it) but the PDF contains an embedded AI file, and sometimes that embedded AI file is just a giant block of compressed data that you uncompress and read as, get this, yet another AI file. It’s insane. Whoever came up with it was obviously concerned about job security.


That is some pretty heavy code lifting, I don’t think I would be up to that anymore.