Can I laser cut cardboard?

Hey guys, I dunno if this is a silly question! But just wondering if I can use my laser to cut 1000gsm cardboard/presentation board? Don’t want it to catch fire and burn my house down :joy:

Thank you for your replies in advance :slightly_smiling_face:
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It will cut it, but it’s best you have air assist, contrary to some beliefs, it helps prevent fire. Also, you never use it indoors unless you have all safety precautions. You can never leave the machine unattended for anything.

But yes, I engrave onto cardboard and cardstock all the time. Much nicer effect than printing.

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You may find that whiter-than-white paper is resistant to the laser because it can be reflective. Blue shades may also reflect blue light. Even the slightest yellow or brown tint may help your efforts immensely.


Thank you, knew I was forgetting something.

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