Can I merge 2 Lbrn files?

Is it possible to merge 2 or more Lbrn files? I made a design in Lbrn and saved it. Made another and saved it… they are related and I would like to cut them on the same job… when I try to import the 2nd file it wants to close the 1st. Is there a way around this? Thanks

Are you sure you are choosing ‘Import’? You should be able to Import an existing LBRN file into an existing project. If you select Open instead, this action will close the previously open LBRN file, prompting you to save if the file had changed since the last save. Is this what you are doing?

thank you- I knew it had to be me, and something easy… no I was dragging and dropping


It’s worth noting that when you import a LightBurn file, it only imports the vectors from the 2nd file, not the cut settings.

My way may be longer but I open one file copy it and close it then open the one I want and paste the coped one with in it. Its been working for me so far there is probably easy ways.


good to know.

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