Can I run recently installed limit switches with just using Arduino instead of the other firmware?

Can I use Arduino instead of the other firmware to be ablet use the new limit switches? I have tried again and again to download the other firmware and I am hitting a road block and not being able to click on the link that would corespond for me to confirm and run the program.

Hello Eric,

What firmware are you looking to get? for which machine?

As Gil mentioned, there is much information missing. Basically, you could use an arduino with cnc shield to control a laser. But it will be much easier to just use a complete mainboard that is already prepared to run a laser (e.g. MKS DLC or DLC32).

But maybe the root issue can be solved before moving to another board?

I have hooked everything that I could and had a pro along side me and we have no encountered a little snag. The firmware is up to date and everything is smooth except a couple things. 1. the machine won’t home properly I downloaded the MKS file and imported it just like the youtube video showed and still not working. I found out that the new Gcode import only works if you go thru all the Gcode commands and delete the text and just leave the numbers. But now my machine has a difficult task to be able to complete a simple circle engrave without it stopping after a few seconds and just burns a hole.

Ensure you followed all the below doc steps.

You still did not mention your setup. So you are using an MKS board. A DLC32? Show pictures of your setup. Otherwise, you won’t get any help because we are just guessing.