Can I specify a cut/layer ALWAYS be default at the bottom of the list?

Is there any way that we can specify that one of the layers (in my case it is the Red 02 - Boundary Cut layer) always be last in the cut order, regardless of how the ordering is set on import, last used settings etc?

I’ve been bitten a few times where I hadn’t noticed another layer is below this, and ended up with inner cuts or engraves in different layers being after the cut, and the pieces end up dropping (if I don’t catch it) and the focus is messed up (or worse, the piece is ruined because it dropped on an angle).

No, I don’t believe there’s any way to do what you’re describing.

You could potentially enable a checklist in Edit->Device Settings and set a reminder to check your layer order if it’s a recurring problem.

That’s what I do, it’s a bit annoying but works fine. on my reminder it says:

Have you checked?
  Cooling is on
  Focus is ok
  Extraction is on
  Power settings are correct
  Layer order fits

It has saved my a** sometimes :wink:

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I like to forget to set laser height. very frustrating, but only myself to blame

Great tool…
Mine asks before every job:

Air Assist on?
Exhaust Fan on?
Cooler on?
Helmet on?
Seatbelt Fastened?


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