Can I speed this up at all?

Just wondering if these settings are optimal. All im doing is basically cutting masking tape with this so I can paint. If I can speed this up at all itd be great lol this is for roughly a 15x16 in area. It is usually around a 9-9:30 hour long burn.

A couple of things I’d suggest looking at:

  1. I suspect you could dramatically reduce the DPI settings for this, especially if you’re using this just as a mask. The reduction of lines will directly correlate to reduction in time.
  2. If you’re not losing quality you may be able to increase speed and power to suit.
  3. You could potentially explore converting this to a vector and experimenting with flood-fill or offset fill. This may not necessarily get you a speed boost and there may be some burn quality issues to overcome but another tool to explore.
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