Can I straighten a line that has circles on it that was copied along path

I have this line created in lightburn thats only a tool line with holes that I cut in this form, I would like to use the same holes on a straight connecting piece, how can I straighten this entire thing keeping the red hole lines where they are on the line? is this possible? TIA

I think you would be easier to start again.

If you just want circles, and the line is just for setup.

Create a circle the size you want, then use the array tool just on the X Axis, add as many circles and adjust the width between them to achieve what you want in seconds.


Hi Neil, Yes it is what I did with this one, but its stitching holes, so need to be exactly the same, I did move some around to make it work better, so the connecting piece needs to have the exact same holes. That’s why I thought it would be better to just straighten these.

@johanbosman. if you share your file here, I’ll see what I can do with it. Is it only the holes on the corners have been moved? If I can do it I’ll try explain later.

Hi Jim, please find attached. If you find a viable solution please do share it as I do these designs quite a bit and always spend way too long to get the exact holes on both pieces. Thank you.
Straighten.lbrn (46.3 KB)

@johanbosman, Take a look at this, I had to change it afew mm in places now all holes are at 5mm centers. if this will work for you I will show you the fastest way to do it later.
Straighten By Jim.lbrn2 (79.1 KB)

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