Can i use a computer power suppy(atx-425-12v A) as a power source

hi, im curious to know if the power supply i listed in the title would be a decent choice to power a laser tree 80w diode laser? it seems as if there’s no way i can ask the correct search question to google that can answer that query i just want to drive the diode. i have separate power supply for controller and motors. i like to salvage parts instead of tossing them.

This will depend on the laser module. Assuming this is a 12V module then this should be able to work. It would be overkill but would work fine with some considerations. If the laser module is 24V then it would not be a direct fit. You could attempt to convert the voltage or find a different solution.

You’ll have a few issues to overcome. First, you’d have to find a solution to turn the power supply on. Addtionally, some supplies assume a typical load for them to work effectively. I don’t know if 80W would sufficiently cover that. Testing should bear it out rather quickly, however.

It has a power switch built in. The laser tree has a builder supplied driver interface adapter and the laser is fitted with a driver for the lt-80w-as-pro diode laser. I’m mainly wanting to use it wit my dlc32 v2 board. This power supply will be for laser alone.
I figure the power supply is 425 watts total and the label sez its 12A max on 12v rail so I should be kinda safe

If this is a standard ATX power supply? If so, there’s a soft power-on requirement that wouldn’t be accomplished by the typical power switch. Is this an additional power-on switch?

If you haven’t already, just make sure it’s indeed a 12V unit. I believe laser tree makes 2 similar lasers in 12V and 24V varieties. Supplying 12V to a 24V unit likely won’t damage the laser module but it may perform poorly or not work at all.

Your laser module is a nominal 80W input. Even if peak current went to 100W you’d be well under that.

thank you so much for your help. yes it has a switch to power it on next to the fan.
ive basically just tried it and i got it to work. im in process of trying different setting and etching some anodized aluminum. when i can set up at home i will report back.
thank you for your time and hard work here