Can I use LightBurn to create files from pdf to cut using xTool Creative Space for M1

Basically just like the title says. Can I use light burn to create the cut files through trace and save the files to import into the xtool creative space program for my M1?

It looks like to me that XCS can import SVG. So you should be able to make your basic design in LightBurn, export to SVG, and import that SVG file into XCS. You would not be able to retain the cut settings and any layers assignments would likely not be preserved in the export.

Thank you. Mostly I am just trying to do some engraving on tiles. I was trying to do a similar project to the glowforge one with sharpie markers as a craft project for a bunch of kids. But as I have a M1 and it is a diode vs the glowforge as a c02 I will not be able to do the project as I had planned.

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