Can I use LightBurn with a High-end Laser System like the EuroLaser XL1600?


I’m a newbie here. I am using a German High-end Laser System EuroLaser XL1600:
Working area: 2,270 x 1,600 mm
Laser power: 60-600 Watt
Laser source: CO2 laser

The Software I’m using is the OptiScout software and I am having a horrible time trying to engrave on the machine. It’s not my favorite software. It looks like LightBurn is a much more inexpensive, intuitive and user friendly application to use. I tried using the Software but it wouldn’t recognize my machine that operates on a network.
Is this software only for Chinese made laser machines?
How do I find my device on the network using LightBurn?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advanced.

In order to support a given controller we need either physical access to a machine for an extended period, or help from the manufacturer. Chinese laser controllers can be purchased outside of a machine, and are relatively inexpensive. Brands like this one, using their own custom/proprietary hardware and software, are out of our price range.

I was hoping that wouldn’t be the case. From what I’ve seen so far, I feel LightBurn is far superior than the application I am using. Question: what would you suggest the settings should be for engraving on acrylic with a 600w capable laser?

Thanks for the quick reply.

Surface engraving, I assume? Is this a 600w glass tube CO2, or RF excited?

If it’s a glass tube, you might not actually be able to go low enough to do surface engraving - you generally want to go as low as you possibly can and just lightly mark the surface.

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