Can I use lightburn with makeblock laserbot?

Hello this is my first topic on this site.

as in the title I have a Makeblock laserbot, but I am not happy with their software. is Lightburn compatible with it?
thank you in advance

I do not believe so, at least not with the original firmware on the control board. If you re-flashed the firmware to GRBL, then it would likely work, but I have not done this, so I cannot say that for certain.

thank you for the fast response!
the makeblock mechanic was good so it would be nice to upgrade it…
is there any link on how to implement grbl on arduino or some other standard board and use it in practice?

GRBL is made for Arduino boards, so you should be able to find help for that on the GRBL site itself. For actually using it, you’ll need a motor driver shield or something similar. You could also just purchase an EleksMaker ManaSE board, which is an Arduino Nano with two motor drivers on it already, and is inexpensive. The stock firmware on those is GRBL 0.9, usually, which works with LightBurn using the GRBL-M3 device driver.

sounds simple. thank you!!

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