Can I use Lightburn without a Laser connected

I am new to Lighburn and have not received my Ortur Laser yet.
Am I able to use Lightburn without attaching a laser? And if so how?

You can, but a number of things won’t work because you have no laser connected.
In the Laser window, see “not connected”
Or similar to that wording

Thanks! I got in.

Now to see if I can get some other stuff to work.

You don’t have to connect a laser to use the software, but you have to choose a laser in order to work, because a lot of the interface in LightBurn shows different options based on what kind of hardware you have, and if you’re saving files for one, it needs to know what it is to save the data in the correct format.

Thank you. I am getting an Ortur laser. I chose one of options but do not know which one is for my laser.

The Ortur uses GRBL firmware, so that’s what you’d choose. Origin at front-left, 400 x 430 mm.

Thank you

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