Can I use Print and Cut feature on project larger than AtomStack X20 PRO 15"x15" work area

The video “Cutting a single project larger your laser (pass-through version)” was very helpful. I wonder if I can use my AtomStack X20 PRO to do the same. Has anyone who own AtomStack “non-cantilever” model done it successfully? Thanks.

The capability is not laser specific so yes, it should work.

Can’t answer this specific question but again, this capability is not laser specific.

Thank you, berainlb. Wish someone who’ve done it using AtomStack Laser makes a video on YT one day.

Are you basically familiar with your laser? There’s literally nothing specific about your laser that would make the experience fundamentally different.

Just use Absolute Coords and follow the steps in the video.

There are plenty of discussions on this forum that have gone over the steps as well. I’ve even written some myself.

I suggest you just read over a few posts, review the video, and give it a shot. You needn’t do this on anything fancy and can take this in stages:

  1. Could start with just cutting out a shape in a piece of printed paper. This will get you familiarized with print & cut functionality
  2. Then split a small shape into two parts and burn onto a single piece of paper (still smaller than the size of your bed
  3. Then use the same technique to do it on material larger than your bed.

berainlb. I am still fairly unfamiliar with my X20. The paper approach and incremental experimentation is a great idea. I think best way to find out is by doing (and learning from what was discussed here already). Thanks for the prompt reply I really appreciated :slight_smile:

In that case I encourage you to just jump in and start with the basics… as you get more comfortable with the basic functioning of your laser the intimidation factor of attempting print & cut will go down as the number of unfamiliar concepts goes down. Once you’re familiar with basic functions, you’ll only need to deal with the specifics of what’s different about print & cut… and then getting familiar with how to leverage print & cut functionality to cover a larger project.

Think of print & cut as really a generalized way of precisely aligning your laser to an existing design. That precise alignment allows you to do many things like extending a cut, precisely cutting out a printed shape, or allowing you to potentially restart a job after having moved the material.

Just experiment and have fun.

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