Can laser cut the 1/4" plywood without burn marks?

I have xTool D1 20w and wonder if there is any way/setting to cut 1/4" birch plywood without dark brown burns?

Hi Sean, welcome to the forum… might want to fix your profile… it says xTool D1, but the controller is DSP… Usually these are grbl controllers…

You have to dial in the proper speed along with power to get the best cut results… I don’t have one of these, but the machining operation is the same…

Do you have and are you using air assist?

Might want to post what speed and power you are using… Others may have some suggestions.


Thanks, I fixed it :slight_smile:

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I have done fast speed/low power/many passes setup. In all cases ending up with dark brown color on the cut side (leaving burnt edges). I wonder if there is any trick to have the final product look like CNC cut

I test my cuts with a napkin… wipe the cut, anything on the napkin? This is where less is best.

This is a 40W co2… Might be tough with a dpssl…

Good luck



Nope, there isn’t.
At least not an easy/feasible one.
Some degree of charring is just the nature of the cutting method.
Omelets and breaking eggs kind of a deal.

I haven’t tested it yet, but one can probably reduce the amount of charring quite a bit by cutting in an inert atmosphere, but unless comparing the surface colour to one that’s been cut with a dull bit or too fast, it’ll still probably show some degree of burn marks.
That’s because on porous -and especially on organic- materials, there are always some oxygen present to turn carbon compounds into carbon when burned.

Hermetically sealed enclosures and inert gasses also tend to be on the expensive side of things to buy and use, so that’s probably not that feasible as a solution either.
Unless perhaps there’s a gazillion tiny pieces to be cut for a model-something one sells for profit.


I was able to cut 8mm pine with the least charring. I use a 20W diode laser with air assist. I cut it at 300mm/min, 100% power, 2 passes. I got really good result.

Doesn’t look like pine, and it is a veneer plywood …looks like?