Can LightBurn be configured to do automatic backups of designs?

Can LightBurn be configured to do automatic backups of designs? Or, can designs be saved to a network folder on a server, which is backed up, rather than only to the PC(s) where LightBurn is installed?

There’s nothing preventing you from doing a regular backup of the design files, either with online, offline, or cloud backup solutions.

However, there have been documented issues with using network drives or cloud share drives potentially corrupting LightBurn files so wouldn’t suggest you use those as your primary storage location unless you’re aware of the dangers.

LightBurn itself does no file backup management other than what it does for the current working file.

Thanks @berainlb. So how do users ensure they won’t lose designs if their PC dies?

Traditional backups would be fine. Think something like:

  1. copying to external hard drive
  2. copying to network drive
  3. backup to cloud storage

It’s only the act of running your active design files on a cloud drive solution (e.g. Onedrive, Dropbox, Google Drive…) or network share that seem to expose situations that result in corruption. I would guess this has to do with situations where there are potentially competing write operations from multiples sources.

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