Can LightBurn be used if I have no output device?

Hi! I just installed the trial version to try it out, although I don’t own any laser engraver. I was hoping to use it to create files that I could send to a service bureau to actually do the engraving. But it seems that I can’t use it at all unless I have a device attached. Is there anyway to over-ride this and use it anyway?

You can use it without a device attached, but you do have to configure a device profile.
Select “Create Manually” in the Devices dialog

Then I’d recommend just selecting the GRBL profile


Then the rest of the settings don’t really matter other than the X and Y axis lengths. If you have someone else engraving for you maybe check what working area they have and set it to that. That way you have an easy indication if your designs will fit in their machines. Personally, I usually just set it to 900x600mm (~36x24 inches) for “dummy” machines as it’s a decent enough working size.


Then just keep clicking Next until you get to the end.
You’ll never have to think about it again unless you ever hook up a real device in the future.

Thanks, I’ll give it a try!

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