Can Lightburn be used with LinuxCNC

I currently use LinuxCNC with Xylotex controllers for my CNC. I use VCarve Pro to generate gcode for my 2.8 watt JTech laser. Can gcode generated from Lightburn - say a picture - be ran on LinuxCNC?

Possibly? It would depend entirely on the codes used by LinuxCNC to drive the laser. If they’re S value (spindle rate) then yes, likely. Using the GRBL-M3 profile would be the most likely to produce compatible GCode. It will emit an M3 command to turn on the laser, and M5 to turn it off, G0 for rapids and G1 for cutting moves, with feedrate and S (power) specified.

It sounds like it can. I am using spindle pwm to control laser power & M3 / M5 for laser on/off. Guess I’ll buy a license & give it a go!

You could just download the trial and try it first - there are no restrictions other than the 30 day limit.

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